We are small business, we support small business, and we care about the working people because we are one of you! Don't let the franchise automotive repair stores over-charge you. At Mountain Muffler we have the equipment and expertise to do exhaust repairs at better prices than the big-name shops.

    When we say we're experts it's not just a slogan. Our owner, Steve Fuller, is a second generation technician in the undercar industry. Steve has owned and worked at Mountain Muffler since 1985, but prior to that his father owned the shop. We've been a proud resident of Golden for more than three decades. Besides Steve, you'll find that our staff are also veterans of the industry.

    Experience counts for a lot, but the best work isn't the whole story. At Mountain Muffler we stock the highest quality products, and we buy MADE IN THE USA whenever possible. But if you're on a tight budget we also have a selection of economical products to help get you back on the road. However, we will never sell you a cheap product just to get your money from the next shop. Today's emission's market is more stringent that ever, we take the time to match your vehicle to the right product, that way you don't get any unpleasant surprises at the emission center. And, of course, our converters are backed by a warranty. We want you to feel as confident in our work and products as we are.

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