Forget about oiling your performance filter! AFE Pro Dry technology gives you maximum air flow without the inconvenience. An AFE cold air intake system is must have for any performance system. Pair it with performance exhaust and get ready to burn rubber and increase fuel economy (if you can stop hammering the gas all the time!)

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    Edge Power is king for custom computer programmers. With different options in dash display and back-up camera capability, you'll see why it's one of the most popular products for gas and diesel trucks. This computer programmer gives you a selection of settings for race, towing, and fuel economy. Not only is it a programmer, but it is a vehicle monitor. With your dash display you can keep an eye on multiple vehicle parameters such as transmission temp, exhaust temp, and of course how fast you're going. Edge programmers also work as a diagnostic tool allowing you to read and clear check engine codes.

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   Is she sagging? Not HER! Your truck. If you tow or plow, Air Lift support bags are a the solution to your sagging leaf springs. Our air bags come with a variety of compressor systems to make towing, plowing, and hauling stress-free (for the truck that is).

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   Running boards, grill guards, tool boxes, and fuel tanks. That's just the beginning! Dee-Zee is the ultimate source for interior and exterior accessories.

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